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Whether you bring your tithe as a step of obedience or contribute to a ministry as an act of generosity, your money will result in more return here (St. Nicholas Cathedral) than any other place in the world—a return evident in lives changed.
Your contributions will help spread Christ’s message of hope and healing to so many people and 
places—around the corner and around the world. From giving a single gift to scheduling an ongoing 
contribution or viewing your giving history, you can do it here at your parish.
What  We Believe about Giving
The word “tithe”, meaning 10%, comes from the Old Testament. God set down the guidelines for 
tithing to cause us  to recognize His ownership of everything, on a regular basis, as well as to 
teach us, as believers, to put Him first in our lives.
When you give your tithe, you are giving back to God what is already his, what is expected, what is 
required. In giving an offering, you are giving a gift to God from a heart of love, over and above  the tithe. 
The tithe is an act of obedience; the offering is a statement of love.
God has blessed our lives in countless ways. Giving back to him, whether in tithes or in offerings, is a privilege 
which should cause believers to overflow with thankfulness for all of His many blessings. What  has God 
entrusted to you? How are you managing it? God’s own words in Matthew 25:14 -28 tell us that the reason we 
may not have much is because God cannot trust us with much! Our Lord  blesses wise managers with even 
more to manage.
At St. Nicholas Cathedral, we believe that God has entrusted time, talents and treasures to us as believers, 
and expects us to manage them in ways that bring honor to Him.

Give Online                          
Tithe - If you’re ready to make a difference; 
if you’re ready to influence the world, this is your opportunity.
                                                     To contribute now
God Bless You
Online Giving by using PayPal
This safe and flexible option is the easiest ways to give at St.Nicholas Cathedral! This method allows you to 
schedule a recurring or one-time gift charged to either your debit or credit card. Here you can easily manage 
your giving amount and specify where the funds should be applied. 
Bank or Credit Card Draft
 If you are uncomfortable using our secure and convenient online system, you may set up a recurring draft that 
will withdraw your contribution from your checking account or charge to your credit card automatically. Here 
you can specify the dollar amount and time period you desire. Download the giving form, fill out the  
necessary information, and return it to Kathy in the Church office, Monday – Friday between the hours 
of 10am to 4pm. ( Form Coming soon )
Weekend Service or More information
For your convenience, offering envelopes are available for tithing.  Simply place cash or checks (payable to 
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox  Cathedral) in one of these envelopes and put it in the offering tray during any 
weekend service, or mail it to St. Nicholas Cathedral, 17 East Tarpon Ave., Tarpon Springs, FL 34689, and
Or call Office at 727-937-3540 and ask for Denise for more information. 
we will apply your gift. Please mark on the check for O.C.L.M./Stewardship.                  ..
 For other questions, contact us online the St. Nicholas Cathedral. 
Online Giving

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God Loves You
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